Policy Management

ArmstrongAdams’ policy management tool helps you create and manage complete policies as well as specific clauses within them. You can easily distribute policies to employees and, most importantly, confirm they’ve read and understood them. Questionnaires can be devised to test employees' understanding or gather information. Employees have easy access to a personalised library of documents and you have immediate visibility of employee sign-up and agreement.

Our standards-based software has been designed to address the key problems of policy management, providing a simple, intuitive interface for both users and administrators. Our multimedia approach can inject life into information that may seem dull to users but is nonetheless vitally important. For example, you can include humorous videos to demonstrate why passwords shouldn’t be shared.

Available as a software solution or as a hosted service, our policy management tool can be scaled to large numbers of employees to achieve rapid policy rollouts and reduce ongoing resource and training costs.

We can also provide your management team with information and audit trails of policy awareness and acceptance. This approach minimises the possibility that end users are unaware of policies – a situation that can have disastrous consequences. Whether it’s just a handful of documents or enterprise-wide initiatives for risk management, ArmstrongAdams can transform how you manage policies through their life cycle.

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